Changing Organizational Culture – why is it so difficult? Part – 1

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Changing Organizational Culture – why is it so difficult?

(Part 1)

Organizational Culture is all pervasive in an organization. It is intricately woven into every layer of the organization. Built over a period right from its inception, it is shaped and influenced by several elements. Some of them are:

Promoter / Founder CEO and the leadership team

Purpose / Vision / values of the organization

Strategic shifts the organization has gone through at various stages of its life cycle

The nature of its business and the environment in which it operates and so on.

All the above factors program the collective mindsets of the people inside the organization and consequently ‘what and how we do things around here aka Company Culture gets formed. So, it is indeed complex.

So how does one bring about changes in such a complex entity? Before we address that let us also reflect on how does a company culture manifest itself? Enter the Culture onion.

Company Culture Infographic

As you see Culture is manifested through different layers of the onion. The onion needs to be peeled,and some or all of these layers need to undergo change depending on the level and nature of culture change one is seeking.

How then one go about changing layer by layer of a Company Culture?

Fortunately, we have cracked the science of Culture Change approach regardless of whether you want your culture to become more agile, more innovative, more customer centric, what have you.

Watch this space for part 2 of this blog for more on that...

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