Interculture Management

Cross Cultural Awareness and Communication

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The global team that you so carefully chose to launch your MNC customer’s product launch in multiple countries, is not working as seamlessly as you and your customer would like them to; As an IT services company why your onsite and offshore team are going in two different directions?

Welcome to the world of cross border team, working in different time zones to make matters worse.

Hofstede Insights are the pioneers of the research and model of National Culture. Late Professor Geert Hofstede while in IBM in 1970’s conducted a research across IBM employees spread over 70 countries globally. 6D Model of National Culture was born. The rest is history. 6D model of National Culture today is the most referred and practised model to analyse cross culture differences across national boundaries.

At Hofstede insights we have a well developed practice that has trained thousands of people of different national origins, to become aware of cultural differences and work together.

A typical Cross Cultural Awareness program follows the process below:

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  • Data Intake

    Study of exiting information to understand the business context. Interview with select leaders to understand cross cultural issues and expectations Build context specific case studies for use in the workshop

  • Pre-course survey and Culture compass measurement

    Administer Pre-course survey to capture participant profiles, issues and expectations
    Administer Culture compass to measure individual bearings with respect to select national culture
    Analysis of report to above measurement
    Pre-course survey and Culture compass measurement

  • Inter-cultural Management workshop

    Conduct ICM Workshop faciliated by 2 faciliators virtually over 2 sessions with following learning outcome
    1. Identifying culturally sensitive situations
    2. Enabling analysis of situations from multi cultural perspectives
    3. Establishing an effective working style in multicultural environment
    Inter-cultural Management workshop

  • Monthly cultural hour-Sparring with Hofstede insights-optional

    Participants: Workshop attendees
    Objective: Sustenenance of learnings in ICM workshops and experience sharing, advice on current cross cultural situations

2 key elements of this program are:

Use of Culture Compass – a Hofstede Insight’s tool to measure Individual bearing wrt. different national cultures. The tool provides comprehensive inputs not only about an individual’s cultural tendencies, it also provide insightful ques to help her/him change behaviours.

Workshop Delivery is done by accredited partners of Hofstede insights. There are over 150 Associate partners spread across over 60 different countries. Hofstede Insights is uniquely abled to draw facilitators from the most appropriate national culture for a target audience.

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