Business Success in India

“A group of 24 of our local leadership team members participated in Hofstede Insight´s CEO (Cultural Executive Ownership) Program. The program enabled a very open and deeply personal reflection and discussion within the team on how we can further support our new GE strategy by our own behaviour, within the context of our local operations. The cultural insights provided made it easier for our team members to align their own way of working with the new strategy. I can highly recommend any manager working internationally to participate in this program.”

– Nina Jankola-Vantar Country HR manager GE Healthcare, GE Healthcare

Secrets of Business Success in India

A complete online training program for executives, business owners and entrepreneurs on how to succeed in their business dealings with India. Delivered by a worldwide network of experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs. One of its kind, this program brings the right solutions condensed into 90 mins focused business modules to answer the most common questions and challenges. The program is designed with 3 levels, catering to different experience and requirement levels of participants.

  1. Level 1 – Introduction to India and its culture
  2. Level 2 – Business-specific Modules
  3. Level 3 – Business Transformation Coaching

Why us

  • Worldwide network of experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • We know the unwritten rules driving people, market and organisations
  • We align your business strategy and requirements with the local country culture and the unwritten rules
  • We provide practical solutions for you backed by 30 years of research and transformation experience

What you get

  • Gain insights into how to succeed in your dealings with India
  • Understand the complexities of the Indian market
  • Create trust with your local personnel, management team, external stakeholders and authorities
  • Understand what is expected from you as a top manager in India
  • Motivate, lead and manage your local managers and team for better performance
  • Build work practices that are effective in India

Program Structure

The program delivers various business-specific modules to cover everything you need to know about doing business with India. Each module is 90 mins long and is facilitated by an experienced pair of consultants. There are 2 weeks between modules to ensure sufficient reflection and practice time for the participants.


1. Introduction to Culture – online Masterclass

Objectives – This online Master Class is the first step to understanding and managing individual and collective behaviours in an intercultural context. You learn how to identify your own cultural traits, in turn sensitising you to be able to recognise cultural challenges. Develop your ability to see cultures in comparison to one another

Duration – self-paced up to 90 mins

2. Country Brief – What makes India special

Objectives – You learn about the cultural differences between your home country and India using the Hofstede 6-D model. You learn about the practical implications of these differences and their role in the society, politics and the corporate world. These insights will form the basis for the modules in level 2.

Duration – 90 mins


1. Leading and Managing – How do you better lead and manage your team in India

Objectives – This module focuses on the leadership and management styles and practices that work in India.

Learning Outcome – You will learn the common leadership and management styles used in India; understand the impact of national culture on various management practices like decision making, motivation, communication and feedback; recognize common challenges and learn best practices to follow

Duration – 90 mins

2. Communication – How to communicate “between the lines”

Objectives – Understand the best practices for communicating in India. Building on the insights from Level 1, you will be introduced to the various communication styles that are typical for India, such as implicit verbal communication supported by body language and how that differs per situation.

Learning Outcome – You learn about how to convey your message more effectively and how to listen between the lines to get the “actual message” in face-to-face conversations as well as virtual communication.

Duration – 90 mins

3. Stakeholders Management – How to build trust in your business relationships virtually

Objectives – Good business is built on solid relationships and mutual trust. That is a challenge and even more difficult in today’s virtual interactions. You learn the factors and processes that create and strengthen trust with your business partner or team in India.

Learning Outcome: Understand how to build trust, identify the factors that make you trust and discover which factors make others trust you in the Indian business environment.

Duration – 90 mins

4. Marketing – How to adapt your marketing in India

Objectives – Marketing needs to be adapted to the local culture to be efficient. This module focuses on the consumer preferences, behaviour and efficient marketing communications in India.

Learning Outcome: The marketer is able to understand what needs to be adapted in both marketing actions and communication to meet the market preferences in India.

Duration – 90 mins

5. Negotiate – How to negotiate in India

Objectives – Learn to negotiate better deals with your partners, clients and who are based out of India. Practice your negotiation skills to be more effective with your Indian stakeholders and teams.

Learning Outcome: You understand the Indian cultural context in the negotiations game. Learn to apply various winning strategies when negotiating with an Indian or a group of Indians.

Duration – 90 mins


Coaching – one on one coaching for your business transformation

The Level 3 coaching combines the learnings from Level 1 and Level 2, your business skills and your cultural experiences. Your assigned coach will support you in defining practical steps and an optimal transformation plan. Coaches are assigned based on your industry and your cultural requirements.

In preparation for the coaching, you will receive a personalised culture compass report to discover your own cultural value preferences and anticipate any potential misunderstandings.

Objectives – Discover and address the key transformation areas for yourself and your organisation and identify practical steps for implementation, aligned with your assignment and your global business strategy.

Learning outcome – You will identify specific areas of transformation for yourself and your organisation. Assisted by our coaches, you will translate the insights into an actionable transformation plan to make your business ventures in India successful.

Duration – Minimum 3 coaching sessions x 90 mins

Dates & Schedule






Level 1

Introduction to Culture – online Masterclass 90 mins Before 17-Mar-21
Country Brief  90 mins  17-Mar-21 1400 CET

Level 2

500€ each (2000€ for all five)
1. Leading and Managing   90 mins  31-Mar-21 1400 CET
2. Communication  90 mins  14-Apr-21 1400 CET
3. Stakeholders Management   90 mins  28-Apr-21 1400 CET
4. Marketing   90 mins  12-May-21 1400 CET
5. Negotiate   90 mins  26-May-21 1400 CET

Level 3

1200€ (3 x 90 mins sessions)
Coaching – on demand minimum 3 x 90 mins as agreed as agreed
Culture Compass NA NA NA

Our experienced Consultants


Akhilesh Mandal

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