The United Arab Emirates

As Senior Partner of Hofstede Insights MENA Regional Office (Dubai), Peter empowers organizations to develop functional corporate culture, where people operate in synergy one with another, making the company’s mission – reality. Everything he does is about unlocking the existing organizational potential, through utilizing data and predictive analytics to identify the appropriate levers of effective change.

His area of expertise is Organizational Culture, Change and Cultural Transformation, but he also takes advantage of Intercultural Management and Leadership Development tools.

Known for his excellence in building and executing change strategy, Peter played critical roles in numerous cultural transformation projects within organizations from multiple industries across Europe (e.g., Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia or Greece) and the Middle East (UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

In his 30+ years of international experience, Piotr has worked with various organizations such as Siemens, Merck, PepsiCo, Loreal, Noor Bank, AstraZeneca, Rangier Axel Springer, Ikea, EMDAD, Abu Dhabi Digitalization Agency, Al Ghurair Group, RSA and others.



  • INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats