Edition 2

Culture Insights - Edition 2: 'Why an ESG strategy is critical for a ‘future-proof’ corporation'


At Hofstede Insights, we are dedicated to aligning organizational culture with business strategy and purpose. Our Culture Insights Video Podcast series presents the second edition, featuring Akhilesh Mandal, Managing Director India at Hofstede Insights, in a captivating conversation with Bhaskar Pramanik, a veteran industry leader with four decades of experience. Bhaskar, known for his roles as Former Chairman of Microsoft India and Former Independent Director at SBI, brings his expertise and passion for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, which are increasingly integral to the future business strategies of corporations worldwide.

The discussion revolves around the significance of aligning organizational culture with business strategy and purpose. Mandal emphasizes the critical role that a strong culture plays in supporting strategic objectives in today's dynamic business landscape. Bhaskar Pramanik shares his insights, drawing from his diverse career, to shed light on the intersection of culture, strategy, and purpose.

Bhaskar's vast experience lends valuable insights into the growing importance of ESG factors in shaping the future of corporate strategies. He emphasizes that sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance practices must be embedded in business models to contribute positively to society, the environment, and long-term value and reputation.

The conversation explores various dimensions of culture's impact on business strategies, with Bhaskar highlighting its influence on innovation, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. A well-aligned culture enables organizations to navigate challenges, adapt to change, and seize opportunities.

The role of leaders in shaping and nurturing culture is discussed, emphasizing their responsibility as role models and their ability to create an inclusive and empowering work environment. Trust, transparency, and collaboration are identified as crucial elements for organizational success.

The conversation also delves into the ESG landscape, discussing how businesses can integrate environmental and social considerations into their strategies. Bhaskar underscores that sustainability and responsible practices are no longer optional but essential for long-term success. Examples of companies successfully integrating ESG principles into their operations are shared, highlighting the financial and societal benefits they have reaped.

The podcast concludes with thought-provoking insights and actionable takeaways. The importance of conducting cultural assessments, aligning culture with strategic objectives and purpose, and recognizing the holistic nature of success is emphasized. Organizations are encouraged to reflect on their cultural strengths and areas for improvement, navigating the business landscape with purpose and a commitment to creating a positive impact.

In summary, the second edition of the Culture Insights Video Podcast series offers a compelling exploration of aligning organizational culture with business strategy and purpose. Bhaskar Pramanik's expertise in ESG issues serves as a call to embrace sustainability, responsible practices, and a culture that supports these ideals. The podcast prompts organizations to assess their cultures and navigate the dynamic business landscape with a sense of purpose and commitment to creating a positive impact.