Edition 3

Culture Insights: Edition 3 - The critical elements and approach to building a safety culture


Safety culture is not only about safe infrastructure, systems & processes, rules & regulations. While some of these elements are indeed necessary and important, research has shown that more of these may not necessarily bring down the occurrences of accidents or incidents. In fact in some cases more regulations have given rise to more incidents! It turns out the missing link here is the unwritten norms of the social game in an organisation aka Organization Culture. Bring in a multinational team in the mix and you have now not only the organizations norms but additionally alignment or lack of people emotions with such norms. Akhilesh Mandal, Managing Partner of Hofstede Insights India converses with Sjaak Pappe, a Senior Partner of Hofstede Insights – a researcher and consultant for many years in Safety Culture, to unfold the critical elements of , and approach to building a safe culture.