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A group of 24 of our local leadership team members participated in Hofstede Insight´s CEO (Cultural Executive Ownership) Program.

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A program specially designed for CEOs, top managers, entrepreneurs, board members from English Speaking Countries (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa)

  • How to build competitive advantage in India
  • How to excel in leading your Indian business
  • Manage relations like a local / Develop your mindset and practices
Online Training VIP Module Includes
Country Briefing on India Q&A Sessions
Understanding the Indian Market: Negotiating with and Selling to your Indian customers Personal Coaching
Understanding the Indian People: Communicating effectively and Relationship building with your Indian team Multi-Focus Model to analyze Organizational Cultures
Understanding Indian Work Practices: Building an effective transcultural Organizational Culture in India 7 Culture Clusters Mental Images of traits of India vs. English Speaking Countries
Slide deck video recording Co-creating bridges in management, sales, and negotiations
6 D Model to analyze National Cultures Deep Market Research with the use of the CCI Model


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