India, The United kingdom

Partly based in UK and India, Navkaran specialises in Intercultural Management of European and Indian markets for global IT and Technology companies. Having worked for more than 10 years in a leading Swedish Telecoms company as a Global Transformation Manager, he has first-hand experience of running projects and workshops across Europe and India. He has successfully delivered more than 30 multi country business transformation projects as PMP certified Global Transformation Manager. At the same time, he worked as the in house Intercultural Management Consultant in the company. Not only did he deliver training workshops for his own project team, he was also the Consultant and trainers for multiple other projects including HR and Customer Care offshoring projects. This has helped him to gather the in-depth knowledge and experience of managing and running multi-country teams and projects, and impacts of Cultural differences on planning and daily operations. So, he uses both experiences to give the practical analysis and solution for the client requirements. He is highly respected in the industry and has always received positive feedback for his work done.

Navkaran gets involved in the ongoing projects & operations and delivers the consultancy and customised workshops and trainings for both sides. His services include the Remote Management training, Working Across Cultures training, Intercultural Communications Training and Intercultural Management Consultancy. The trainings are catered for both the management and resources delivering the actual work. Some of the countries he has worked with are India, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Romania and Sweden

He spent his childhood in India and completed his studies in the UK. He has lived and worked in the UK and Western Europe for past 15 years. Navkaran is also the Managing Director of an Indian Health Foods company working between India and Austria.